Committed to Community: Christel Simonis Emphasizes Diverse Perspectives

Highlighting our staff’s Commitment to Community is one of our favorite pastimes, made more enjoyable by catching up with avid volunteers like our Wausau office’s, Christel Simonis. Christel’s broad involvement includes industry advocacy, education, athletics, community development, and investments in her hometown of Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Q&A with Christel Simonis

We know you are an enthusiastic volunteer! Can you tell us more about your organizational involvement?

Certainly, I’m a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies/Division of Facilities Development (ACED/DFD) Committee; we help ACEC work with State Legislatures on policies and procedures that affect engineering communities in Wisconsin. We also work with the Division of Facilities Development to improve work processes, and to facilitate the annual conference supporting collaboration between architectural and engineering firms and the DFD.

As the member-at-large for the Central Wisconsin Contractor’s Association, we help professionals in Central Wisconsin network to develop the construction industry and partnerships in our area. We give back to the community via scholarships, technical education grants, and local charities like the Children's Miracle Network and the Salvation Army.


vol for CWCA golf outing_cropVol Salvation Army ringing bells

Pictured above: Central Wisconsin Contractor's Association Golf Outing (left); Salvation Army Bell-Ringing Fundraiser (right)

I’m involved with several Mosinee-based organizations including the Mosinee School District Strategic Planning Committee. Our group revitalized Mosinee’s strategic plan and provided focus and direction for the entire School District Community. I regularly volunteer with the Mosinee Silverblades Figure Skating Club, helping with rink activities and group events. I was also a board member of Mosinee Youth Girls’ Softball for 7 years, with 4 years as Vice President. I helped create rules to develop our players and improve the league experience. I was also a founding committee member of the annual Motown Throwdown Tournament.

Locally, I participate in community development and education as a member of my local parish, St. Francis Xavier. I have volunteered with the Salvation Army for over 12 years to aid local families in need by collecting supplies and clothing, as well as participating in the Red Kettle bell-ringing fundraiser.

We’re impressed! Do you have a favorite organization?

I honestly don’t have a favorite organization. I feel that all the groups I belong to and volunteer for are important in their own ways. Some help in our engineering profession, some help our communities advance and some strengthen our future generations. All of these things are necessary in a well-rounded environment.

What is the best part about volunteering in your local community?

I really enjoy helping people and getting to connect with so many new individuals. I’ve always said that I like to talk to strangers (don’t tell your kids that though)!

You told us, “Any amount of time donated adds up to help better our communities. It is always great to hear all of the ideas and suggestions that come out from bringing different people together.” Can you elaborate?

Bringing a variety of people together really expands the “think tank.” Each person adds value and can generate new suggestions that others would never have thought of or considered. It is that diversity that sparks new ideas and in turn, can improve our communities and the programs that operate within them. This is where growth happens.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I truly feel that volunteering is a crucial part of my life. It is not only necessary in our business and communities, but it makes me feel that I am helping improve the future of our children. I am grateful to be part of an organization like Clark Dietz that shares my commitment to giving back.



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