Run With Us! Our 5K Challenge Takes on New Meaning

While the health and wellness of our employees have always been prioritized, the Health and Wellness program at Clark Dietz gave us a chance to enhance that care. Amongst several initiatives, the idea of having an annual 5K Challenge was born. Over the last 12 years, the challenge has become a tradition that gives everyone a fun and unique chance to get together with their colleagues and friends while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The 5K Challenge runs from Spring to Fall. Each office is encouraged to field their own 5K Team. To promote participation of employees at all fitness levels, both competitive and noncompetitive teams are encouraged, and everyone may walk instead of run if desired. Supporting local initiatives also became a part of the competition, and a way for Clark Dietz to give back to our communities outside of our professional work. We are proud that the 5K Challenge began as and remains an inclusive event that prioritizes fun with a side of competition - the wining team claims our coveted Fastest Office Trophy and bragging rights!


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Clark Dietz 5K Challenges in years past consisted of runs/walks for charities such as Kids' Voice of Indiana, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the Harvest Moon 5K, and Girls on the Run


Many Clark Dietz employees enjoy the 5K every year, and we asked them about their previous experiences.

“A favorite memory of mine was placing for my age group a few years back and running through the late evening fog during the “Strides for Peace” challenge along Lake Michigan. Hearing my name was an amazing feeling,” Ana A. Nino Flores said, remembering her favorite 5K memory. “The 5K challenge offers an opportunity for teamwork with coworkers, encourages a friendly competition against other offices, and it’s a lovely celebration of the present.” Ana has been participating in the 5K since she was a Clark Dietz intern in 2015.

Jon Howaniec, Clark Dietz HR Director, also recalls one of his favorite memories from the 5K challenge. “My favorite memories of the 5k would include when we used to run the Terrapin 5K on the Chicago Lakefront, which included a live band, food, and drinks next to Soldier Field.” Jon has been participating in the 5k since it began in 2011.

Heath Titzer ran his first 5K with Clark Dietz in 2022. Heath spoke on participation and friendship within the race. “Participation is about team building, comradery, and the acknowledgement that we all have lives outside of the office. The more we see that, recognize it, and view each other as real people; the more patience we all have towards each other in increasing our ability to work together as a team and accomplish big goals.”


The Jim Loew Memorial 5K Challenge

In April, a beloved Clark Dietz Senior Project Manager, Presidents Award Winner and recurrent 5K participant, Jim Loew, unexpectedly passed away.

In his honor, Clark Dietz has renamed the 5K Challenge to The Jim Loew Memorial 5K Challenge. Jim enjoyed running competitively and participated annually in the 5K challenge with his friends and colleagues at Clark Dietz. Jim had most recently represented the Indianapolis office of Clark Dietz in our 5K Challenge in November of 2022.

Kevin Hetrick has been a recurrent runner with Jim in the 5K since 2015. Hetrick is also an avid runner in his free time.

“For several years, Jim Evans, Jim Loew, and I were a formidable team. My favorite memory is from 2022 when the Central Indiana office actually lost the challenge and relinquished the trophy. Central Indiana ran a trail race, and Jim Loew and I met a few days before the race to see what the course was like. It was narrow, and hilly. It was great to go out with Jim for a casual, social run," Kevin recalls fondly.

Jim's legacy will be remembered this year and every year through his loved ones, his colleagues, and his immeasurable impact on Clark Dietz. 


Kevin 5K

Right to left: Jim Loew, Kevin Hetrick and Edgar Soriano after the November 2022 Central Indiana 5K Challenge.





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