Navigating the New Normal: Ep. 3

Welcome to the third episode in our video series, where I'll be talking with Project Engineer David Wichman, PE about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting his life at work and home. I hope you'll enjoy hearing his perspective, and check out our other episodes to find out how things are going in our various regions and office locations during this unprecedented time.

This recording took place on June 16, 2020. If you'd like to skip around, timestamps annotating the topics we discuss are below.




0:40 – Working during the pandemic and the challenges of work-life balance
2:27 – Clark Dietz provides flexibility for employees
3:26 – New protocol on construction sites and social distancing
5:28 – Capturing drone footage for Evansville wastewater project
6:35 – Working virtually with other Clark Dietz staff
7:41 – Future of work being a hybrid between virtual and in-person interactions
9:56 – Clark Dietz response to the crisis
11:16 – Challenges the Evansville community is facing (funding)
12:52 – How the crisis has affected the engineering profession
14:20 – Positive outcomes from this unprecedented time


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Christine Ingaldson

About the author: Christine Ingaldson

Christine provides guidance and direction for the marketing vision at Clark Dietz. She is always looking for ways to improve communications, both internally and externally. Before working at Clark Dietz, Christine led a small creative team to produce a children’s video program about appreciating our natural environment.